The 3 Biggest Struggles For Beginner Affiliate Marketers.

Being an affiliate marketer is not that complicated honestly. It’s all about determination. Here are what I would consider the 3 biggest things working against you starting out.

  1. Not picking the right niche:
    1. If you don’t pick the niche right it could destroy you from the start. Picking a niche needs to be something you are either an expert in or something you are passionate about. The reason is that the key to being an affiliate marketer is simple. Never give up. Be consistent with your marketing efforts.
  2. Giving up too soon (80/20 rule):
    1. In any business that you start most people will fail in the first year. Why? Because they give up. If you picked the right niche the only reason you fail is because you quit. The first 80 percent of your work will result in getting you almost there. The last 20 percent will be as hard as the first 20 percent. But, if you get through that you will hit the point where you start seeing success and reach what I call the tipping point. Most people give up after the first 80%. Or they move on to another shiny object and being the first 80% of that. That first 80% is getting the site set up, setting up your email list, etc. It’s a lot of technical stuff. Then, comes the hard part of marketing it. Once you start marketing it and you’ve created a handful of content it gets hard. You think “I’ve created a decent amount of content and no one is buying yet”. That’s the point to push through and just keep creating. But, sadly most people give up and move on at that point. Literally, you can see the finish line but the results aren’t there yet so they quit. Don’t give up.
  3. Consistency:
    1. This is another key area that people get wrong. If you can only do 1 video a week make sure that you do that video every single week and release it on time. Same with articles or anything else. Think of getting ranked on Google, Youtube, etc the same as a credit score. When you pay bills on time each month your credit score improves. It’s the same with this. If you do a bunch of articles or videos one week then nothing for a month you will get no where. If you know that you can do a bunch of videos or articles at once but can’t do them again for a month then schedule that content to go out over time until you can do it again. That way it’s consistent.

Hopefully, this helps. I’ve done this now for 16 years and this is where I see people fail time and time again. Then, they get bitter and tell everyone it won’t work. I and many like me have made really good money for a long time doing affiliate marketing. I’m not selling anything so I have no reason to push it down people’s throat’s.

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