How Difficult Is Affiliate Marketing?

Anyone that thinks affiliate marketing is impossible or very difficult is doing it wrong. If you are trying to clock in, do your 8 hours, and go home then it’s not for you. In fact, starting a business period isn’t for you.

Affiliate marketing, if treated like a real business, is one of the best business models out there. Too many people try to sell the product they are promoting. It’s actually about selling yourself and the content you create to an audience of people. The products that you make money from are a result of people following your trust and content.

Then, you need to follow this framework:

1. Promote Products That You Would Or Do Use

Only promote stuff that is high quality. Remember, you are supposed to be selling yourself and your content. Don’t mess up your credibility by promoting junk products.

2. Build a Website

Don’t take shortcuts. Build your own site that will allow you to post content, build a brand, and capture email addresses. It gives you a place for your audience to meet up with you and follow you.

3. Build an Email List

Building an email list lets you followup with your audience. It turns interested ones into buyers and more importantly repeat buyers.

4. Create Value

Don’t spam and give out junk. If you do that’s what you will get in return. By giving quality content it let’s you build up trust with your following and makes people want to buy things that you recommend.

If you follow that formula and stay consistent then over time you are going to make as much money as you put work into it. Having a step by step approach to learning helps too.

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